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Kyra Belan

Kyra Belan

Cape Coral, FL


Artist, author, mythologist, and art historian, Dr. Kyra Belan graduated from Arizona State University with a B.F.A. in fine arts, and from Florida State University with an M.F.A. in visual arts. Her Ed. D. from Florida International University, is in higher education, and art history. Dr. Belan has had over 45 solo art exhibitions and has participated in over 80 group art exhibitions. She has received numerous awards, including the Florida Achievement Award in the Arts, Women's Caucus for Art Florida Chapter, 2007-8; the Southeastern Art Conference Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2005; Broward County's Women's Hall of Fame Outstanding Achievement in the Arts,1994; and the Individual Artist Fellowship, State of Florida, Florida Arts Council, 1982. Her artworks are found in numerous public and private collections. Dr. Belan was a professor of art and art history, and a founding art gallery director at Broward College, Pembroke Pines FL from 1990 to 2010. Currently Dr. Belan is an artist (painting, drawing, installation,digital art and photography, performance art); writer/author (Art, Myths, and Rituals, Madonnas from Medieval to Modern,The Virgin in Art, etc.), and she is working on her latest book, Sacred Ladies in America and The Virgin and the Child (Prestige ed., hardcover), fall 2012.

Artist's Statement:
In my art I explore the beauty of nature, its plants and animals. I also get inspired by the myths of the world, which often use the plants, animals, and women as symbols for beauty and spirituality.

All artwork is the original work of Kyra Belan, copyrighted and protected by US and by International Copyright Laws. İKyra Belan All Rights Reserved.



Madonna Rafaelina by Kyra Belan


Macarena by Kyra Belan


Running Cow by Kyra Belan


The Basket of Puppies by Kyra Belan


Dogs Flirting by Kyra Belan


Secret Canyon Mother by Kyra Belan


Two Ospreys by Kyra Belan


Eagle Circle by Kyra Belan


Mary Magdalene by Kyra Belan


Walks with Eagles by Kyra Belan


Sophia Maria by Kyra Belan


The Osprey and the Lizard by Kyra Belan


The Eye of Power by Kyra Belan


The Owl of Athena by Kyra Belan


The Cosmic Egg by Kyra Belan


Goddess Athena by Kyra Belan


Allegro Andante by Kyra Belan


Astarte's Paradise Seven by Kyra Belan


Dao by Kyra Belan



Athena's Owl by Kyra Belan


Astarte's Paradise III by Kyra Belan


Astarte's Paradise II by Kyra Belan


Astarte's Paradise IIi by Kyra Belan


The Other by Kyra Belan


The Dream by Kyra Belan


Freedom by Kyra Belan


Saraswati by Kyra Belan


Artemis by Kyra Belan


Athena by Kyra Belan


Ix Chel by Kyra Belan


Our Lady of Florida by Kyra Belan


Tara by Kyra Belan


Kwan Yin by Kyra Belan


Shakti by Kyra Belan


Inanna by Kyra Belan


Coatlicue by Kyra Belan


Guan Yin by Kyra Belan


Durga and Kali by Kyra Belan


Carmen by Kyra Belan